FAQ: What Do I Need To Buy With My First Wig?

FAQ: What Do I Need To Buy With My First Wig?

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First let me congratulate you on your first wig purchase! It’s so exciting to get your first one!

Ok, so you got the wig, but you need a few other necessities in my book! To make life simple, we've created a wig care kit that is simply perfect for any wig wearer! Watch the video below, or keep scrolling to read on about each individual item!



We also have all of our wig care products available separately and you can check them out below!

For starters, you MUST get a wig band. It's how the wig stays on and definitely NOT OPTIONAL! We suggest you select the luxury velcro wig band color by the root color of the wig you selected. Check out the linked tutorial. We offer them in four colors cream, silver, brown or black.  We also offer the our Velcro wig band cap, these can be helpful for those of you with thicker or longer hair that need a bit more help holding it all in there. Our favorite is the luxury Velcro wig band!

Secondly, you cannot be without a wig comb, it's perfect for all styles short, long or in between even if they are perfectly straight! Seriously, you need the wig comb! It will help you style and maintain your wig. You DO NOT want to use regular combs or brushes on your beautiful wig! They will be too rough on the wig and stress the fibers and definitely will shorten the life of the wig. (Oh, and a  pro tip is to get more than one!) Wig maintenance is key to longevity (curating a nice collection of wig helps too, LOL!) You will also need to comb your girl prior to shampooing and conditioning her!

No matter what you are going to need to wash her after about 8, 8-hour wearings (or when you feel she needs it). We sell the synthetic wig shampoo and conditioner set and have a tutorial on how to do it!

So you may want some styling products--depending on the wig you have, you are going to want to use the comb to style her and you may want some Wig Wax to help keep her put or to juuujjjjjjj (that's the technical term here at Chic Lifestyle for getting your wig bigger) her up. You can watch a wig wax styling tutorial here The Wig Restore is great for both pre-styling and for maintenance as well. We have a tutorial on how to use it to extend the life of your wigs as well!