Selecting a Wig Band!

I know I NEED the wig band, but how do I know which one I should get?

Quick answer is get one of each! LOL.

Our wig bands are offered in four great shades: Cream, Silver, Black and Brown.

The rule of thumb is that the wig band should match the root or base of your wig color. For instance a mocha swirl wig can use a black or brown wig band; smoking hot blonde styles can use a brown band.

  • When you have a partial monofilament wig cap the color of the band is less critical as the parting space is minimal.
  • With a full monofilament or a half-moon monofilament it's important to match the root.
  • If you have a wig that is full monofilament that is lighter in color you may opt to match the wig band to your scalp color.

Learn how to prep your hair and wear the wig band.

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Kathleen Gallagher

Kathleen Gallagher

How do I know what size wig to buy?

How do I know what size wig to buy?

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