Wig Restore - Extending The Life of Your Wig

Need a great detangler? Ends of your wigs feeling dry? We've got the perfect solution for you!
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Wig Restore is pure silk magic for your luxury synthetic wig! This pure silicone spray when applied carefully and intentionally will help restore the life of your wig eliminating the frizzies.

Watch Gretchen show you not only how easy it is but the magic of this amazing product!

Have you wondered what to do when the ends of your wig starts to look a little frizzy?  You have washed and conditioned the wig, but the ends still could use a little more love?

Try our Wig Restore Spray ( Click here to purchase)  (W25).  Our customers have called in magic in a bottle and liquid gold!  This product is a light silk spray which is safe for your synthetic wigs. 

For detangling and preventative treatment of your wigs, lightly coat the wig paying close attention to the nape of the neck.  Grab your wide tooth wig comb, start at the ends and work your way to the cap of the wig.  You will notice that your comb will start to glide through the wig as the silk spray begins to coat the fibers.

This product is also great for those frizzies and fly away hairs too!  If you like a smooth wig and want those curls to lie beautifully in your wig, lightly coat the wig with the Wig Restore Spray.  Massage the spray into the fibers with your hands.  Then take your wide tooth wig comb or your fingers and style the wig to your preference.  The wig restore spray will help keep those daily tangles to a minimum.

We all have those wigs that we wear a lot and maybe put a little too much stress on the ends while combing.  For those stubborn frizzy ends that won’t tame even after washing and conditioning, the wig restore spray can breathe new life into your favorite wig.

To restore those frizzy ends you will need:

A Hot Tool - either a flat iron or curling iron where you can control the temperature setting.

Step 1 – Pre-heat your hot tool to no more than 250 degrees.

Step 2 – Generously apply Wig Restore Spray or Serum to the ends of the wig you intend to treat.             

Step 3 – Take a small section of hair about 1 inch wide, quickly pass your hot tool over the ends of the wig in the direction of the curl or straight layer.  (Be sure to follow the pattern of the original style or curl as applying heat will permanently alter the curl).   

Step 4 – Inspect the ends and repeat if the ends need a second treatment.  Repeat section by section until complete.

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