How to Prepare Your Natural Hair to Wear a Wig

How to Prepare Your Natural Hair to Wear a Wig

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Wig bands and how you place your hair when wearing a wig are oh-so-important! In this tutorial, we walk you through proper placement and how to get a secure fit.

The key to wearing a wig is confidence. With wig prep and proper wig band placement the confidence will be there that the wig isn't going anywhere, Queen get that wig on your head and get out the door!

It doesn't matter how much hair you have or don't have the goal is to get whatever hair as flat as possible to your head when prepping to wear a wig. So, that ponytail sticking out the back of your head, sister, that won't work.

  • We suggest splitting your hair in half and braiding each side behind your either ear. To start try doing this with damp hair, don't worry the wigs have the open wefts which allow for air flow. )
    • Damp hair just is easier to corral into place and braid. Tracy suggests using the small elastics, she's using clear ones, or snag them in clear or black in our wig care section HERE.
  • Now using bobby pins or even snap clip barrettes, (again, we offer them in our wig care section HERE) take one braid and cross it to the other side (so the right ear braid over toward the left ear) and pin it in place. Repeat with taking the other braid to the opposite side.
    • Try pinning down so there is no real antennae (the ends of your braids) that would poke through the wig cap.
  • Get your wig band on. (snag them HERE) Braids act as a nice "head butt" for the wig band to sit underneath.
    • If you don't need to braid your hair but your wig band is sliding, try to bobby pin or use the barrettes to pin the back of the band to the hair at the nape of your neck or behind your ear. You might also try a bit of sticky hair gel on your natural hair at the nape of your neck to help prevent any potential slip.
  • Get your wig on, we have an easy tutorial for you!

If you need help selecting the wig band for your wig, check out this blog.