FAQ: Basic Wig Care Instructions.

FAQ: Basic Wig Care Instructions.

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The proper care of your wig will keep it looking like new. For best results follow the care instructions below. Most women also prefer to have a second style to use while cleaning and drying their first style.

  1. Make sure to carefully detangle your wig using our wig comb at the end of every wear. Start from the bottom and gently work your way up to decrease stress on the fibers. Shedding is normal. You may also purchase our detangling wig restore mist. Check out this tutorial on how to use our restore!

  2. We recommend washing your wig every 64 hours of wear. Watch this tutorial on how to wash your wig or follow the instructions on the back of our synthetic safe shampoo and conditioner. Be sure to only use synthetic safe wig care products. Never brush a wet wig.

  3. You can use LOW heat 320 degrees or below on any of our luxury styles to lay down a loose flyaway or help to set your part. You can also carefully straighten our wigs on low heat. You can also curl our wigs, utilizing our synthetic safe styling tool. (Although it does take some practice.) Understand the more you heat the fibers the higher the chance of stress to the fibers. Do not use heat on Mid-Level Luxury styles.

  4. Synthetic styles cannot be dyed.

  5. Your new wig can be trimmed or bangs added by a trained professional                                                                                                                           For best results purchase your wig care kit here or learn more about the kit here