Wearing the Wig Band

A MUST have is our luxury wig bands made of velvet and Velcro. These bands are simply amazing and will allow you a lot of freedom in your days (go on the airboat, ride the roller coaster, use the water slide into the pool) and total peace of mind! Wearing a wig enhances your natural beauty and should make you feel nothing short of fabulous so don't let it limit what you do!

The wig bands have two edges two them. There is a rolled edge and a stitched edge. The rolled side is always going to be toward your eyebrows and therefore, the stitched edge will always be facing the back of your head.

BUT, that's not all! It's not enough to get the stitching to the back in order for the wig band's magic to be in work! It is critical that the rough side of the velvet is up, when you run your finger from the front to the back it should feel a bit like a cat's tongue.

If you find that it is super smooth when you run your finger toward the back (OR if you find that your wig slips), flip the wig band around (still keeping the stitching toward the back) and then affix the hard Velcro to the soft Velcro.

*Note: The wig band does NOT need to be tight around the circumference of your head, it just needs to be secure.

Placement of the wig band is somewhat personal, it's typically placed right around your hairline. Some will wear it a little back behind their widow's peak and others right on it and push it back as they place the wig on their head.

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