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I understand, starting something new can be a bit scary and unsure! So I wanted to let you know exactly what you'll have access to within the group when you choose to subscribe to Chic Lifestyle with us!

1. Daily Workouts Monday through Friday with a Professional Trainer!
Hosted on live in our FB Group
That's right! We will be working out daily starting right around 9:15-9:20 EST with me and my girl Ashlee. Ashlee is a certified personal trainer and bodybuilder and is educated in exercise, nutrition, and hormone education. Now don't let the bodybuilding part scare you, Ash specializes in women ages 40-70 who are ready to regain control of their health. The workouts will be able to be tailored to your fitness level and no special equipment is required. 
2. We'll be chatting about the nutrition products and giving you SO much info on each product, how, when, and why you want to be taking them!
3. Nutrition education.
This part always seems the hardest am I right? There is so much conflicting info about when what, and how much to eat and we'll be debunking myths as well as simplifying all the noise out there!
4. Mindset Motivation!
Health is not only about what you feed your body, but also what you feed your mind! Get your mind right and set your intentions each day with me!
5. Group Accountability
Listen, I'm not going to do it on my own either! This is why I'm so excited about starting this with you all I've put all the necessary pieces ( as well as experts) in place to help you succeed! 
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