Why a Wig: Tracy's Story

Why a Wig: Tracy's Story

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As a child, my mom used to tell me, “Because I am the Mom and I said so”. As a mother myself, I found myself sharing that with my child. However, the lesson is truly a personal one for me. I needed to learn that the only reason that I need to wear a wig is for myself. It’s my own personal; I said so.

Wear a wig for whatever reason, but make sure that you are the reason that you are doing it for yourself.

Perhaps you gave yourself or received a bad dye job, chopped your hair all wrong, colored your hair, and it fell out. Maybe you don’t want to spend endless funds at the salon anymore. Sure, your stylist is nothing short of amazing, but not only does it grow out, but the color fades or washes out and down the drain! Wigs end all that!

Perhaps you suffer from a medical condition that causes you to lose your hair or have severe shedding or thinning. It could be any condition that requires medicine that has a side effect that alters your biohair texture or growth. It could be that you have stress in your life, and this definitely affects your hair (sound familiar?) Maybe you had COVID, and it’s altered your hair (we hear that A LOT). Wigs can fix all that!

Perhaps you are a little older. It is a blessing to age but with age, not only does our skin change, but our hair texture changes a bit. We find out hair thins, maybe even a little brittle. You may have hair loss at the front, on the crown, at the back. Trying to match your hair texture or color with a topper is just too much, oh and you may have nothing to hold it in place. Wigs can fix all that too!

Perhaps you just want to try a different length. Maybe you want bangs without the commitment to growing them back out. Maybe it’s a pixie style or those long barrel curls you want to try. It could be changing up the color without damaging your hair. It could just be that you want a different color just because that is what you want. You want red long hair, blonde with bangs, long brown waves, jet black straight locks. Wigs are all that!

Our wigs are made to look, move and feel like real hair in stunning styles and colors that look like you are fresh from the salon chair each day you put it on your head. From day-to-day, you can be whatever that version of yourself that you want to be. 

For me, my hair has always been fine and thin my entire life. As I have aged, I am 49, my hair has become even finer and thinner. I have had COVID twice, I am sure that affected my hair too, I have stress in my life. I let my hair or lack of it define me and affect my happiness. Then I found wigs. I now have a curated collection, I love my wigs. I still have bio hair, I haven’t shaved it off, I could and you might too. However on the daily I prep my hair (I have this down to a science and it’s like two minutes to do) to get it as flat as possible, I throw on my wig band and pick the wig that is going to complement my outfit and finalize my mood EXACTLY the way that I want in about a minute flat. So when people ask Why A Wig, I say why not a wig?