K278 TLE Bundle of 15
K278 TLE Bundle of 15

K278 TLE Bundle of 15

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Historically relied upon in Indian medicine for centuries, Lemongrass has been researched for its beneficial support of overall feelings of wellness, with additional research supporting its antimicrobial, antioxidant, antifungal and anti-inflammatory properties. Its primary constituent, citral, is revered in pharmacology studies because of its superior attributes evidenced in research. Lemongrass has been used for decades as an astringent and skin cleanser to support opening pores and releasing toxins.

  • Fresh, grassy, citrusy, pungent scent
  • Sought for its anti-nausea and digestive aid support
  • Supports feelings of calm, restfulness, relaxation

Talk about exotic – no one can pinpoint the lime's origins in the world. While it is widely believed to be a native of South Asia, it is primarily cultivated in tropical and subtropical climes, including Mexico and the West Indies. In herbal medicine traditions, lime is used to relieve various everyday maladies such as fever and sore throat. It has also been applied in treating insect bites, minor cuts, brittle nails, and varicose veins. According to research in Japan, studies have shown that the application of citrus fragrance into a patient's therapy can support improved mood and feelings of calm. Through extraction by cold press, this essential oil blend comes from the peel of the unripe fruit.

  • Tart, sharp, citrusy, sweet, lively scent
  • Uplifting and invigorating
  • Promotes a clear mind and encourages mental energy

Guardian Blend is an exclusive harmony of essential oils renowned for their ability to support the total wellness of your systems and protect your home. It is the perfect alternative to toxic cleaners when used on surfaces throughout the home. When diffused, it delivers a warm, clean, aroma while helping to purify the air and rid the home of unwanted or undesired smells.

  • Rich, Deep, Earthy, Clean scent
  • Promotes wellness and well-being, safeguarding your home and lifestyle
  • Farewell to toxic cleaners; diffusing purifies air, rids home of unwanted smells

An export of Sicily, this premier fruit, is Italy's most prolific agricultural endeavor. From an exponential flavor boost in nearly every course at the dining table to flavoring pharmaceuticals and perfuming cleansing products and hospital-grade disinfectants, the king of citrus supports the manufacture of just about everything. In pharmaceutical use, it is known for stimulating white corpuscles and as an antimicrobial and antioxidant agent. In European countries, lemon is regarded as an all-inclusive tonic, especially in infectious illness. The juice of the lemon is valued for its therapeutic assistance with acidic disorders, as well as aiding the supportive relief of fever and bacterial issues. Cold press extraction of the peel imparts the pale, green-yellow essential oil.

  • Fresh, grassy, citrusy, pungent scent
  • Sought for its anti-nausea and digestive aid support
  • Supports feelings of calm, restfulness, relaxation

High in vitamin C and supportive of feelings of wellness, the showoff of the citrus family grows much larger than its relatives. Cold press extraction of the fresh peel yields a yellowish-green, fresh, sweet aromatic. The essential oil is valued for its support of skin care, circulation, muscles and joints and digestive stimulation. Studies show that aromatherapy massage using grapefruit essential oil can aid in the inhibition of triglycerides, the formation of fat cells, and the support of feelings of improved body image.

  • Clean, fresh, citrusy, sharp scent
  • Excellent aid in antiseptics*
  • Appreciated as an aid in air purifying*

Carried by explorers returning home to northern Italy, Bergamot is named after the Italian city of Bergamo in Lombardy. The small citrus plant is a subspecies of citrus aurantium, or bitter orange, and is often referred to as the orange’s tiny cousin. History has shown Bergamot as a favorite supportive aid in Italy for centuries. A cold press of the nearly ripe fruit peel extracts the essential elements – almost 300 compounds in one essential oil – with sweet fruit scents and a slightly spicy undertone evoking balsamic notes.

  • Green, balsamic, sweet scent, incense-like
  • Known for supportive relief of feelings of tension, stress, sorrow
  • Encourages a comforting, safe atmosphere

The sweetest of citrus, the orange has long been used in aromatherapy, loved for its support of calming, cooling, and restorative sleep effects. Native to China, the orange is prolific in Chinese medicine for cough, colds, and digestive disorders. Vitamins A, B & C are top- of-the-line in an orange, superior in supporting efforts to stave off infection. Pharmacology research indicated its beneficial properties related to skincare, respiratory and circulatory systems and digestive. Cold press of the freshly ripe or almost ripe peel extracts a rich but sweetly fresh yellow or amber-orange oil.

  • Sweet, fruity, fresh, citrusy scent
  • Excellent aid in support of antiseptics, anti-inflammatories
  • Promotes feels of improved mood and sense of calm

Revitalize Blend is a friend to tired muscles – a synchronicity that promotes feelings to a relaxed mind, a soothed spirit and a reinvigorated body after a long day or an intense workout. Promoting the alleviation of discomfort and reinvigoration of the body, it is the foundation for Mother Nature’s alternative to synthetic topical products.

  • Fresh, woodsy, menthol, earthy, scent
  • Promotes feelings of invigorated mind, body, and spirit after a long day or intense workout
  • Promotes the alleviation of feelings of discomfort, a fundamental alternative to synthetic topical products

One of the most ancient herbal remedies, melaleuca gets its common name, tea tree from its leaves' frequent use as an herbal tea. Aboriginal people from Australia brought its therapeutic properties forward in folk medicine centuries ago that has contributed to modern medicine's popularity as an antiviral, antifungal, antiseptic and a broad-spectrum antimicrobial. Widely researched across the world, scientific studies have shown tea tree's remarkable value in aiding against bacterial and fungal issues. It may also act as an immunostimulant to help the body kick into high defensive gear when faced with such conditions. The small tree's needle-like leaves and twigs deliver the essential oil through steam or water distillation.

  • Fresh, spicy, woody, earthy, scent
  • Aids in easing redness in skin irritations
  • Excellent in promoting antimicrobial properties in cleansing

Known locally in Somalia as Dhidin or Maydi, The King of All Frankincense. One of the luxuries in the world of scent, Frankincense is non-toxic, non-sensitizing and a non irritant. In ancient Egypt, it was relied on for centuries as a rejuvenating face mask and been used as incense in Asia and the Middle East since ancient times. Now found in an array of colognes, soaps and pharmaceuticals, Frankincense is sought to support inflammation, calmness and as a mood-lifting agent. Steam distillation cleanly delivers the essential oil from the leafy shrubs gum resin, yielding an intense scent with warm undertones.

  • Green, balsamic, sweet scent, incense-like
  • Known for supportive relief of feelings of tension, stress, sorrow
  • Promotes the appearance of smooth, glowingly healthy skin

For centuries, Australian Aboriginal people have used eucalyptus for its soothing, cooling vapor in traditional remedies for treating body pains, congestion and viral complaints such as influenza. Distilled oil from the oval leaves of the tall, skinny plant, eucalyptus oil has an array of applications as an antiseptic and/or antimicrobial, a pharmaceutical or fragrance, in insect repellents, commercial food flavoring, personal hygiene and dental products. The nonprofit environmental research group EWG has approved the use of eucalyptus oil in dozens of household cleaning products.

  • Sweet, clean, penetrating, wood scent
  • Popular component of massage oil, ideal for promoting feelings of soothed soreness
  • Supports the sense of clearer breathing

Serenity Blend is the perfect combination to promote a peaceful atmosphere and feelings of total relaxation. Our Serenity Blend is the go-to essential oils blend when you seek a sense of calm and centering of the mind.

  • Sweet, citrus, fresh, balsamic, floral scent
  • Promotes sense of calm and centering of the mind; peaceful atmosphere
  • Supports relaxation but also energy; promotes feelings of less stress and anxiety

SOURCED IN BULGARIA Revered as one of the most popular and versatile essential oils, lavender is as evocative as scents get. Inhale comfort, calm, relaxation. Lavender is rich in tradition as a folk remedy. Over centuries, scientists and physicians have relied on this earth element as an analgesic, an insect repellent, a perfume for fabrics, a cocktail mixer, even a deodorant and so much more. Bulgaria is home to the world's most abundant lavender, which carries more than 100 principal constituents. While the entire plant is aromatic, steam distillation derives the essential oil from the fresh flowering tops.

  • Floral, herbal, sweet, balsamic, woody scent
  • Use in an array of relaxation therapy, supportive of feelings of calm
  • Beloved among essential oils for its calming properties

Perhaps the most ancient herbal remedy, the use of rosemary in therapeutics, dates to times in which magic – yes – was employed as an aid to support healing, driving out evil spirits. The shrubby evergreen was often burned at ancient shrines. The plant and its essential oil have long been valued for support of the respiratory and circulatory systems, digestive and nervous complaints, and skin and hair issues. Pharmaceutical research shows evidence of rosemary's supportive qualities for pain relief and hair restoration. Steam distillation derives the oils from the delicate blue flowers of the fresh tops.

  • Strong, evergreen, minty scent, woody undertones
  • Excellent aid in support of mental invigoration
  • Promotes a sense of rejuvenation and recharging of the body

Varieties of mint have been used in Asian culture dating to time untold. In fact, traces of this distinct herbal plant have been found in Egyptian tombs from 1000 B.C. Mint extracts have also been relied upon for centuries as a cooling antiseptic treatment to aid in skin and hair care, digestive issues, headaches and toothaches, sore throats and support of aching muscles and joints. Derived from the flowering herb via steam distillation, resulting in a highly penetrating and intense aroma.

  • Green, balsamic, sweet scent, incense-like
  • Known for supportive relief of feelings of tension, stress, sorrow
  • Promotes the appearance of smooth, glowingly healthy skin

Use topically on your hands and feet or in a TLEO Aromatic Diffuser for aromatherapy.

*Not intended for use on infants or young children. Avoid eyes, mucous membranes, and sensitive skin. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or mitigate any disease.