How to put on your New Wig!

How to put on your New Wig!

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 5 Steps to Loving Your New Wig!

Level: Beginner

Most of us have made mistakes when it comes to cosmetics and bad haircuts, and while trial and error help us figure out what does and does not look good, most common mistakes made with wigs are easy to fix. Navigating these synthetic hair faux-pas will result in a much more natural-looking wig that will last!


1. Channel your inner Cher!

I may have seen this play out a time or two. You buy your first wig, eagerly anticipate its arrival, stalk the mailman, shred the packaging, and plop it straight on your head, all to be disappointed that you’re not instantly ready for Coachella. I recommend applying a little makeup and having a positive mindset. It may sound silly, but hear me out. I often receive comments about my ability to wear any shade and style. My secret? Bronzer, lipstick, and confidence! We’ll be talking more about cosmetics soon! Watch for the release. 

2. Bring your wig to life!

 Start by turning your wig upside down and give it a gentle shake. Your new wig has been stored, packaged, and transported and will need some air circulated through it. A soft shake will help to bring it back to life. It will loosen the fibers and help to separate the hair. It’s also important to play with your wig! Not every style comes with your unique shape, features, and skin tone in mind. With a little effort, such as moving or adding a part line, making sure it is appropriately positioned on your head or adding texture and volume, you can manipulate the wig into a style that is ultra-flattering to your face.    


3. Find your forehead

Having an unnatural wig hairline is an easy fix and makes a world of difference when it comes to looking authentic! Having bangs can add shape, shorten out a forehead, soften up a sharp jawline or add angles to a round face. Wearing a wig too far forward and changing where your natural hairline sits has the same effect but with not-so-chic consequences. The eye draws to this awkwardly shortened forehead. Make sure that your wig's hairline sits exactly along your hairline, millimeter perfect!

4. Understand your wig’s unique part line!

If your wig has a set parting line, it does not always mean it should sit in the center of the head. If in doubt, re-watch the live sale or check photos on the website! Some wig designs can be based around a dramatic side part. Wearing the parting line in the dead center of the head changes the intended look of the wig, and the hair can appear wonky and crooked. Of course, this does not apply to some of our hand-tied or full monofiliment wigs (these allow for the placement of a part line anywhere you like), and some styles look fabulous no matter where the parting sits.


5. Watch more tutorials!

You can learn how to prep your hair for a wig and add a wig band here! Or learn how to set or shape your style with our wig wax here! Click through our Blog Posts for more info!