Each month for the last two years here at Chic Lifestyle, we give our Facebook Stars that our customers send and a % of our Gross Sales to charities across the globe. As a believer, I believe in the importance of tithing and sewing seeds into fertile ground. This is our way of doing so.

In the last two years, we've been blessed with the ability to give more than $100,000 of support to Victims of Domestic Violence, Animal Shelters, Victims of Sex Trafficking, Homeless Shelters, Food Banks, Christmas drives, and so many more charitable causes.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. This time of year is very near to my heart. My best friend, Ashlea Bottles, lost her battle with Breast Cancer two years ago, leaving behind a loving husband and two little girls.

When Ashlea was battling breast cancer, one of the most challenging moments was losing her hair. She felt stripped of the very part of herself that made her a woman. I have had so many clients tell me that the thought of losing their hair was debilitating. It is my mission to support as many warriors as I possibly can. She was also our very first "charitable contribution" when we raised money as a community to help with her funeral expenses.

Remembering her, we will be donating all stars and our monthly tithe to fund scholarships for wigs to warriors receiving treatment at our local Yolanda G Barco Cancer Center of Meadville, Pa. As well as providing a special discount on all of our products to its patrons.




Thank you so much for continuing to show up and support us, either knowingly or not, to help us make the world a little brighter for the people in it.

I love you all so much,