How to Measure Your Head to Wear a Wig

How to Measure Your Head to Wear a Wig

Are you struggling with the question Why A Wig? Maybe my story helps... Reading How to Measure Your Head to Wear a Wig 3 minutes

 Head Size - Is it Really Everything?

Yes. And, no.

Yes in the fact that understanding your head size is absolutely the most critical piece of information you need on a wig journey. It does not matter why you are on the wig journey, it can be to spare your wallet from salon costs, due to thinning hair or hair loss, covering up a bad style or color or just because they are so dang fun! It’s very easy to measure your head and you can check out our tutorial. That head circumference is so important because it assures you that the wig you select will fit on your beautiful head! Side note: it is so important to know that it doesn’t matter your why, how old you are, what you look like or even what you think is “appropriate” you CAN wear whatever wig you want. Yes, any color, any length any style. The only thing that limits you is yourself!

The no is because even if we have the same size head circumference there are variations that affect how a wig appears. The fit is tied to that circumference and the cap fitting your head. However, these other aspects such as having a bit of a rounder or flatter head, a wider or more narrow face, a longer face or even a longer/shorter neck will affect if the wig looks longer on you than a model you see in online or in a photo or even one of customers! It’s OK, we’re all beautiful and are not meant to look the same!

OK let’s break this down, I want to explain what I mean. We may have differing head shapes as in our heads are rounder or flatter. If your head is fuller than you will see that a wig may potentially be shorter on you than it appears on others. This is also taking your neck length into consideration. The width of our face or how narrow it appears if it lengthens your chin this will alter how a wig appears longer or shorter than your chin or general length. It is always best to find an online model wearing a style and if you have that same style see where it lands on you in comparison to get a feel so that you have an idea of where other styles will land on you. 

The best part of a wig is that it is most beautiful when you put your face in it. We highly suggest that you have fun being who you want to be!

Check out this video tutorial that shows you exactly how to measure the circumference of your head. Once you know this you are on your way sister queen!




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